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Detox Drink


Today, as you will soon discover when carrying out a search on the internet for detox drinks you will find that there are hundreds of different ones available for you to use.

But as well as being available online you can purchase many of these through your local health food store as well. 

But even though these drinks come with a variety of different names as you will soon discover when you read the description of each one they contain the same kind of ingredients in all of them.  In most cases, you will find that they contain the following types of ingredients that all work in a different way.

1.  The ingredients contain diuretic properties, which helps your body to flush out the toxins and unwanted waste products from the body.

2. They also contain ingredients, which have high laxative properties that again help to flush out the toxins and waste products from your body in a completely different way to the diuretic ingredients do.

When it comes to the kind of detox drinks, a person can use in order to remove the unwanted toxins and waste products from their body there are three major types they can use.  Below we take a look at just what these are. 

1.  Juices – These are made from very easily and quickly from fresh fruit and vegetables (organic ones preferably) that have been placed into a juicing machine.  By drinking your fruit and vegetables in this way will ensure that high amounts of vitamins and antioxidants are retained and which your body is able to absorb when consumed.  The best kinds of fruit and vegetables you should be using as a detox drink are apple, pineapple, lemon, ginger, cucumber, celery and carrot. 

2.  Water – Really, if you are looking for a quick and effective way of helping to remove unwanted toxins and waste products from your body then drinking sufficient amounts of mineral or distilled water is vital.  On average, a person should be looking to drink around eight glasses of such water each day.

3.  Herbal Teas – If you find drinking, water a little boring and bland then why not enhance it by making herbal tea drinks instead.  However when selecting herbal teas to make your detox drinks with look for those that are caffeine free otherwise they will not be as effective as you hoped. 

Certainly one of the most popular kinds of herbal detox drinks that people use is made with green tea but there are plenty of others that you may want to consider trying.  For example, you may find that you prefer the taste of Dandelion and Burdock or Jasmine and Lemon tea instead.  So when looking for a herbal tea to use as a detox drink it would be advisable to try a number of different ones in order to find out which you really like. 

Also, if you find your herbal tea detox drink a little bitter then adding small amount of honey can help to reduce this and make the drink far more palatable.  Also once, you have found some detox drinks that you like then stick to these and use them on a regular basis as part of your new healthy diet and lifestyle regime.


Detox Tip #1

Understand Why a Detox Regimen is Important: With the lifestyle most of us lead on a day to day basis, we are surrounded by toxins. Eliminating these from our bodies is like a tune up.


Detox Tip #2

Figure out whats right for YOU: Different people are at different stages of bodily malfunction. Determine where you fit in, and find a detox plan that will work for you.

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