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Oxycontin Detox


Because OxyContin is an opiate based drug those who use it can be come extremely dependent upon it if used over a long period of time.  Certainly, over time the drug can cause changes to the way in which the person's brain functions and the way in which they behave.  It is at this stage then an OxyContin Detox program will need to be carried out on the patient. 

With this particular program, the person who is addicted to this particular drug will under go a medically supervised withdrawal program from it.  Certainly, a person may try to detox him or herself but it is far better if they do so through the help of their doctor or other qualified health professional who is able to help with drug addiction problems.

Today many cities have outpatient programs which people are able to attend in order for them to participate in such detox programs.  It is at these programs the person will be provided with an opiate replacement in order that they can slowly and safely detox and withdraw from using OxyContin. 

However, for those that do participate in such programs they face a long road of recovery and be faced with other problems that will affect their body.  If a person chooses to carry out an OxyContin detox without the assistance of a trained medical professional and using an opiate replacement, they may well suffer from the following symptoms.

1.  They become irritable.
2.  They feel nauseas and may well vomit.
3.  They may suffer from diarrhea.
4.  In some cases the person will find it difficult to sleep.
5.  They may find that their muscles and bones become painful.
6.  Whilst in some extreme cases it could lead to the person either falling into a coma or even dying. 

But through the taking of an opiate replacement, using an OxyContin detox program prescribed by a health professional will help a person to avoid such symptoms. 

Yet for those who do participate in such programs they should not expect to see results immediately, rather it will take time for the replacement opiate to have the desired effect.  Also, the way in which the replacement is taken needs to be done slowly and controlled as much as possible as this helps to prevent the cravings for the OxyContin that the person's body is after. 

The replacement opiate drug provided by the health professional works to prevent these cravings by attaching itself of the opiate receptors in your body in the same way that the OxyContin does.  Which then means that as the OxyContin is removed from their body the person is able to do so more comfortably and easily. 

So for those who are have been taking this particular drug for any considerable time it is vital that in order to remove the toxins it produces from their body safely, they need to take part in a controlled OxyContin detox program.  Otherwise if not it may well lead to other health issues, which can further exacerbate the problem.


Detox Tip #1

Figure out whats right for YOU: Different people are at different stages of bodily malfunction. Determine where you fit in, and find a detox plan that will work for you.

Detox Tip #2

Understand Why a Detox Regimen is Important: With the lifestyle most of us lead on a day to day basis, we are surrounded by toxins. Eliminating these from our bodies is like a tune up.

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